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Mission & Vision

No nation in the World is more kind and generous than the United States of America. In our day and age filled with so much tragedy, desperation, and hardship, our country is the most willing to give and help others in need. World of Connections (WOC) is a program within Life Resources International Inc., a nonprofit organization that was created by volunteers to find those in terrible distress and to connect them with those who can help. 

We are working with communities located in all areas, with organizations of all sizes, with large and small shipments and with all kinds of donated humanitarian goods. We completed more hundreds of projects and touched many hearts around the world, including those in Ukraine, Moldova, Nigeria, Gambia, and more. We are not unique in our reaction to suffering, and we would like to remain not unique in our action. Please join us in helping others. 


Together we can do so much more. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you…

Everyone at World of Connections is a volunteer. Therefore 100% of all donations go entirely and directly towards providing humanitarian aid. 

World of Connections is a program managed by Life Resources International, Inc., 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization. All donations are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.


To see our IRS 501(c)(3) form, please follow the link below:

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In 2013, when the US Government discontinued the program “OPERATION PROVIDE HOPE,” numerous organizations lost the ability to ship humanitarian assistance worldwide. “Ukraine Missions” began receiving multiple requests from other countries, such as Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Tanzania, Uganda and many other African and Latin nations. “Ukraine Missions” program was no longer working exclusively with Ukraine. The name “Ukraine Missions” on shipping documents supplied with the cargo to other countries created confusion among the receiving organizations and their governmental agencies.  Therefore, in November 2017, the new program “World of Connections” was created within “Life Resources International”, Inc. Charita Shteynberg (NGO Liaison), was appointed as a Director of Operations for “World of Connections” program. 


Brief History

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