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Life Resources International Inc. 


This page is dedicated to an incredible man I consider a mentor, a great friend, and a compassionate soul - John L. Kachelman, Jr. Without his thorough guidance and continuous assistance, World of Connections would not have been possible.  


- Charita Shteynberg


Mr. Kachelman is the President of Life Resources International and Chairman of the Advisory Committee of PartnerSHIP for Impact (a network of networks working with thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and around the World to ship donated, emergency supplies to people in need). While his main focus is Ukraine, he coordinated humanitarian efforts in 23 countries. 


Mr. Kachelman is a minister with the Churches of Christ (non-denominational religious fellowship) and a founder of Ukraine Missions.  He has been preaching for 44 years. Mr. Kachelman is also a lecturer and an author of more than 20 books.    


If you are interested in financially supporting our work, please send your check to: 


Ukraine Missions
c/o Dalraida Church of Christ
3740 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36109 




Donate online by clicking the link below to send your donation via PayPal

Your support and contributions will enable us to ship humanitarian aid all other the world.  100% of donated funds are used to cover expenses of shipping humanitarian aid.

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John L. Kachelman, Jr. , President of Life Resources International Inc.
John L. Kachelman, Jr. , President of Life Resources International Inc.


Welcoming a new donor to our family of philantorpiest.  Thanks to Aquagenics for donating 16 container loads of hands sanitiser to our recipients all over the world.


COVID -19 has made it almost impossible to work internationally, but our abilities to supply medical supply came in handy.  During 2020 pandemic we supplied $4,650,082.00 worth of PPE to states like New York and New Jersey


We are striving to assist all who is in need. During 2019 our work spread to new regions of Africa and South America. We managed and shipped 35 projects, 707,474 lbs. of medical and hygiene supplies valued at $6,899,326.27.


The year of 2018 turned to be very successful and productive.  We managed  and shipped overseas a total of 22 loads filled with humanitarian aid having a combined value close to $6,000,000.

Brief History


          John L. Kachelman Jr. is an evangelist for the “Churches of Christ”. He has preached since he was sixteen years old in numerous congregations all over the United States. John has served local congregations in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, and other states. Kachelman family has been involved in foreign mission work since 1994, and John travels to Ukraine and other countries twice a year to oversee the process of humanitarian aid ever since.  John assisted in the creation of multiple programs for needy people in Ukraine. He was accepted as a partner in “OPERATION PROVIDE HOPE,” a federally funded relief transportation program operated through the U.S. Department of State which enabled him to ship thousands of tons of benevolent supplies to Ukraine. John currently serves as a preacher at “Dalraida Church of Christ” and is running multiple aid foundations. He is a founder of “Life Resources International” Inc. and “Ukraine Missions” programs.  Further information may be found HERE.


          Mr. Kachelman began working in Ukraine in 1994, when he went on his first mission trip to Donetsk, Donbass Oblast. The focus of the mission was to assist the newly free nation, Ukraine, as it grew out of the shackles of USSR dominance. For this purpose, “Judsonia Church of Christ” created a new program “Ukraine Missions – Churches of Christ” and appointed John to lead the program. “Ukraine Missions” has been actively helping by collecting humanitarian aid and shipping through “OPERATION PROVIDE HOPE” program. “Ukraine Missions” has been supporting ATO zone, various orphanages, homes for elderly, medical facilities for less privileged throughout Ukraine. More information can be found HERE.


          “OPERATION PROVIDE HOPE” program didn’t allocate sufficient transportation resources to accommodate the growing shipping needs to Ukraine. The coalition of “Churches of Christ”, located in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and several other states, decided to create a nonprofit organization to supplement shipping efforts. This task was assigned to 
Mr. Kachelman. On June 16, 2009, John founded “Life Resources International,” Inc. and registered the organization at the state of his primary residence at that time – the state of Arkansas. The new organization facilitated the expansion of the humanitarian assistance shipping to Ukraine. A copy of the official IRS registration may be viewed HERE.


          In 2013, when the US Government discontinued the program “OPERATION PROVIDE HOPE,” numerous organizations lost the ability to ship humanitarian assistance worldwide. “Ukraine Missions” began receiving multiple requests from other countries, such as Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Tanzania, Uganda and many other African and Latin nations. “Ukraine Missions” program was no longer working exclusively with Ukraine. The name “Ukraine Missions” on shipping documents supplied with the cargo to other countries created confusion among the receiving organizations and their governmental agencies.  Therefore, in November 2017, the new program “World of Connections” was created within “Life Resources International”, Inc. Charita Shteynberg (NGO Liaison), was appointed as a Director of Operations for “World of Connections” program. information on how to join WOC program may be found HERE.

"Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help. Someone might need it"

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